Natural Remedies

What is a Natural Remedy?

Any health related issue or condition that can be treated with the use of household products, that are natural, chemical, and drug-free. These health solutions do not require a doctor visit, an expensive prescription, and avoid things like pain medications and antibiotics.

What health conditions can be solved through natural solutions?

The possibilities are endless, and pretty much every health condition has been treated by using a natural cure. What we are talking about here is a throwback to how health related problems were solved before conventional medicines existed.

Five hundred years ago, when you got sick you didn’t get prescribed an antibiotic from the local doctor, you probably took cod liver oil, or skullcap, or perhaps an andographis extract.

If you had a migraine, you didn’t turn to Excedrin because that didn’t exist at the time. You might have used essential oils or herbs that soothed the pain, or a cold compress, an application of heat, acupuncture, or ginger tea.

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