Foodalytics: The Healthiest Foods, Backed By Data

Nutrient-density in the average American diet is at an all-time low, which makes eating healthy and making sure we are eating all of the essential nutrients all the more important.

Most of us don’t even know what we should be getting in our diet, let alone what we’re missing. Sure, we may try to “eat healthy,” but how can we know that the choices we’re making are the best possible choices? Most of us are just hoping that we’re nourishing our bodies by sticking to foods we’ve been told are good for us.

What if you had access to:

That’s where Foodalytics™ comes in. This book compiles the healthiest foods on Earth, using a definitive and easy-to-understand ranking system, into a never-before-seen list of the best things to eat. Foodalytics will bust the six most widespread myths about what makes a food healthy, and give you a plan of action for swapping out the “good” foods you’re eating for the “best” foods available. It truly is a resource for healthy eating that you will be revisiting for years to come.

The Story Behind The Book

I started writing Foodalytics back in 2014. The writing of this book has been the single largest undertaking of my life, and after nearly 4 years, I’m proud to say that it is finally finished!But more importantly, I am glad that you’ve ended up here because my sincere hope is this: by purchasing my book, you become healthier from making more informed decisions about food. I am excited for you to continue along your health journey, as you enjoy more nutritious foods and increase your overall nutrient intake! Where to purchase »