List of Low Fructose Fruits

This is an image I took of a pandanus fruit on a remote island near Krabi, Thailand.

Fruit is natures dessert. An all-natural, healthy alternative to sweets, fruits are not only tasty, but packed rich with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants. These nutrients help the body support the immune system and also prevent disease.

Why Should I Limit Fructose Consumption?

Eating fruits low in fructose is a good idea if you have high glucose levels or if you are are just trying to avoid sugar in general. Like candy, some fruits may be high in fructose, or fruit sugar, and should be eaten in moderation or avoided – depending on your personal health goals.

How Much Fructose is Considered Low?

Daily intake levels of 15 to 25 grams of fructose per day is a good target range. This amount is recommended to keep uric acid levels within the ideal range, which means if you are eating 3 servings of fruit per day, it would be best to choose fruits whose fructose levels are 5 grams and below.

People often ask me:

How much fructose is in watermelon, pineapples, cherries, and cantaloupe?

Here are the facts:

How to Reduce Your Fructose Consumption

If you love fruit, but want to skip the fructose, target these fruits first and limit your consumption of those that contain higher amounts of fructose per serving.

Low Fructose Fruits

The following table lists the fresh fruits and fruit juices that are lowest in fructose:

Food Serving Measure Fructose Per Serving (g) Fructose Per 100 g
Avocado 1.0 cup, pureed 0.18 0.08
Rowal 0.5 cup 0.57 0.5
Cranberries 1.0 cup, chopped 0.74 0.67
Plantains, green, fried 1.0 cup 0.78 0.66
Clementines 1.0 fruit 1.21 1.64
Apricots 1.0 cup, halves 1.46 0.94
Lime juice 1.0 cup 1.48 0.61
Nectarines 1.0 cup slices 1.96 1.37
Peaches, yellow 1.0 cup slices 2.36 1.53
Lemon juice 1.0 cup 2.68 1.1
Raspberries 1.0 cup 2.89 2.35
Pineapple 1.0 cup, chunks 3.2 1.94
Cantaloupe 1.0 cup, balls 3.31 1.87
Blackberries 1.0 cup 3.46 2.4
Oranges, navel 1.0 cup sections, without membranes 3.71 2.25
Strawberries 1.0 cup, halves 3.71 2.44
Agave Syrup 1.0 tsp 3.84 55.6
Currants 1.0 cup 3.95 3.53
Grapefruit 1.0 cup sections, with juice 4.07 1.77
Abiyuch 0.5 cup 4.33 3.8
Tangerines 1.0 cup, sections 4.68 2.4
Honeydew 1.0 cup, diced (approx 20 pieces per cup) 5.03 2.96
Plums 1.0 cup, sliced 5.07 3.07
Watermelon 1.0 cup, balls 5.17 3.36
Papayas 1.0 cup 1" pieces 5.41 3.73

SOURCE: National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28 (May 2016)

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