Kitchen Gadgets

I own a Vitamix blender. I used it to make bulletproof coffee, smoothies, and shakes. It’s definitely a workhorse in the kitchen.

A recent purchase, the Instant Pot DUO is another home favorite of mine. It cuts down cooking time and it’s really hard to screw up a meal using this handy device. I love not having to slow-cook a pork shoulder or lamb roast for 8 hours. 90 minutes later and you have super tender, fall-off-the-bone, finger-licking perfect dishes!

Another tool I like using in the kitchen is a frother, which we got from Williams Sonoma.

Probably my favorite kitchen tools, however, are my foam dispensor and dish soap spray bottle. For more reading, check out my in-depth review of Dr. Bronner’s Natural Soaps.


I love using my Klean Kanteen for both drinking water and for pre- and post-workout drinks. It’s stainless steel, and BPA, plastic, and rust-free. I have a black 27oz that I bring everywhere. It fits in cup holder in cars, backpack mesh side-holders, and I even bring it camping. I have 2 more, a large 40 oz and one I use to protein powder shakes.

Biohacking Gadgets

If you want to learn how to train your body to be in a more calm, meditative state with a high tolerance for stress, check out the emWave2 . You can teach yourself how to increase you heart rate variability (in other words, breathing through your heart), which is a great measure of health.

I used to have a zeo sleep monitor, but after hacking my sleep I sold it (in my pursuit of minimalism).

Headache Relief

For headaches, I use this headache balm, which really works crazy well. It’s hard to believe, but for someone who often suffers from headaches, it really does work! I also have two cold therapy eye masks (when one warms up, I have another ready to go). I simply leave these puppies in the freezer and put one on my eyes when I’m feel tension near that area, or if I have a mild headache.