What is a condition? A condition is any health issue, disease, or medical malady that is may be causing pain, discomfort or a debilitation or loss of function. Such a problem falls outside the bounds of normal wellness. Just about everyone suffers from a condition a some point in their lives, whether it’s quite benign or something serious. This page is designed to help you navigate though this range of conditions, whether you are currently suffering from one, have recovered from one in the past, or you are simply interested in learning more about something specific and want to know if there are any natural remedies and treatments. Conditions range on a scale from benign (or temperate) to serious. 

Examples of Non-Serious Conditions

Examples of Serious Conditions

 While some people are unfortunate to be born with or pre-conditioned to be afflicted by one of these health problems, many will develop a condition over time due to circumstance, poor environment, or simply by not choosing healthy nutritional and exercise habits. In many cases, a condition can be cured or reversed either through natural treatments or medical intervention. No matter the method, it is important to identify and treat the root cause because otherwise you are just masking the symptoms and a temporary disease will become a chronic condition after a year or more. Such diseases may limit daily activities and will require ongoing medical attention. 

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