Could You be Suffering from Adrenal Burnout Syndrome?

Photo: Isa Sorensen

Chronic fatigue is a prominent problem in today’s society and one of the lesser known causes is adrenal burnout syndrome. Due to the fact that this disorder goes undetected most of the time it is definitely possible that thousands if not millions suffer from it unknowingly. Most doctors offices don’t test for adrenal burnout and instead look for other causes of chronic fatigue including depression, low blood sugar, vitamin deficiencies and more. This can lead to patients being prescribed totally ineffective medication that does nothing to treat the underlying cause of the chronic fatigue.

What is Adrenal Burnout Syndrome?

Adrenal burnout syndrome is simply a case in which a person’s adrenal system is underperforming. It is a milder version of Addison’s Disease – which a more serious, permanent condition caused by a single shock to the adrenal system. Adrenal burnout, on the other hand, develops over time and is often caused by factors such as nutritional deficiencies and the build up of toxic metals and other chemicals within the body.


The biggest and most obvious symptom of this syndrome is chronic fatigue, but that alone isn’t enough to suspect a problem with your adrenal glands. If you’re experiencing other symptoms such as joint pain, low blood pressure, cravings for sweets and depression in conjunction with chronic fatigue – you could be suffering from this condition.

Another important factor to take into consideration is how much sleep you’re getting. If you’re sleep deprived the symptoms you experience can be nearly identical to those of adrenal burnout syndrome. However if you are getting enough sleep and still feel extremely tired all the time then you may be suffering from this affliction and should consider being tested for it by a doctor.


There are a variety of ways to test for adrenal burnout syndrome and some are more rudimentary than others. Some of the more basic tests involve running a fork across the inside of your forearm to see if red lines appear within 10 seconds; if they don’t it may indicate adrenal gland problems. You can also try looking into a mirror and shining a bright light into one eye, if the pupil doesn’t contract quickly this could also be a sign of the syndrome.

Perhaps the most conclusive test for adrenal burnout syndrome is hair mineral analysis. This is when a sample of hair is taken and analyzed in a laboratory, similar to how some drug testing is done these days. By checking a variety of factors such as sodium levels, oxidation speed and eliminator patters doctors can more accurately tell if your adrenal system is under preforming.

Treatments and Prevention

The most common treatments for adrenal burnout syndrome involve a change in one’s diet and daily habits. By taking in the right nutrients and getting enough rest you’re able to combat common causes of the affliction such as vitamin deficiency and stress. If you’re suffering from excess toxic build up in your body a detox program may also be prescribed. Also remember that since adrenal burnout and depression are often linked meditation exercises, positive thinking and regularly socializing with your friends can help as well.

Due to the nature of the condition the treatment methods for it also works well in regards to prevention. Remember there is no magic pill that can cure adrenal burnout syndrome, taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is the best thing you can do whether you’re seeking to prevent or treat this illness.

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