What Are The Biggest Barriers to a Successful Diet?

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1. Lack of Cooking Time (laziness, motivation)

With practice, however, I believe everyone learns how to surpass this limiting factor. You will learn what foods you like the most, get used to knowing where to buy them, how long they keep, what you can make with them, and how you can save time by eating leftovers and cooking bigger meals.

2. Overcoming Social Awkwardness (fear of not fitting in)

“What are you doing ordering a salad, dude?”

“Why are you not eating your crutons?”

“How come you’re not eating your bun?”

“What’s wrong with normal salt?”

“Let’s go get a burger! Oh wait, you can’t have carbs, HAHAHA!”

I think what we need to understand is this way of eating is actually NORMAL. That what everybody else is doing is WEIRD. Cooking frozen dinners in the microwave and eating Subway and McDonald’s everyday is AWKWARD and stupid. We’ve been far too over-conditioned to eating unhealthy and it’s become “the norm” and this is SAD.

The thing we have to be careful of, however, is telling people that what they are doing is wrong, stupid, dumb, etc. in order to defend our way of life. Or to start going off on this dull rant about what they are eating is so unhealthy or bad for them or their children or the environment. What we need to do, I think, is MOVE BEYOND THE FOOD. To not make it awkward, to not have it be the topic of conversation every day. It might take your friends/family YEARS to get used to in and finally stop picking on you about it, but that’s fine. Let them.

They key is NOT lecturing them, and NOT letting it get to you. Figure out a way to become INDIFFERENT. Do not care! Be APATHETIC. Move on. Change the subject, change the subject, change the subject. And if all else fails, yell at them once: telling them to leave you alone! Stop criticizing you and tell them to worry about themselves instead.

It’s like politics, but every day you bring your lunch to work you are wearing your “I voted” sticker on your shirt along with who you voted for. But when politics do come up when you are having lunch with a friend – as you might already know by now – most times it’s a good idea to just drop it. Don’t let it go there, because sometimes even if you are the best of friends the conversation becomes awkward, you can’t keep your cool, and you begin to question why you are friends at all. NOT GOOD.

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