Top 15 Myths About Health

Truth is often stranger than fiction. See these “strange” but true truths below…

  1. You should not wear sunscreen, it contains toxins and blocks the good UV rays that help you produce vitamin D.
  2. Getting sun in your eyes is good for you and can reduce your risk of developing cancer. Take your sunglasses off when you are outside for a bit.
  3. Fat does not makes you fat, it is your body’s primary source of fuel. Excess glucose/insulin/blood sugar (refined carbohydrates) make you fat and sick.
  4. Red meat does not cause cancer. Statins do.
  5. Running long distances is bad for your body and heart. Choose sprintwork and lifting heavy weights safely.
  6. Taking a multivitamin is a bad idea. Instead, choose high quality supplements that you specifically need, and in the amounts that are necessary.
  7. Grains should be eliminated from your diet. Wheat contains a protein called gluten, which is hard to digest for most people and can be harmful to your body. This should no longer be a staple of your diet nor should have any sort of presence in your meals.
  8. Veganism and vegetarianism are not the healthiest diets. Vitamin B12 (prevents Alzheimers, MS, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, etc.) can only be found in Animal products.
  9. Raspberry keytones are a scam and will not help you lose weight. Sorry Dr. Oz, but you should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. “Cardio” doesn’t actually exist. By doing “cardio” you are essentially not making effective use of your time, and it can be dangerous to your health because you have a high risk of injury. It is not the best way to lose weight and tone your body (see #5).
  11. You should not reduce or eliminate your salt intake. Eat 10g of high-quality salt every day.
  12. Butter contains lots of good vitamins and can help you lose weight. It will not make you fat and is not bad for your cholesterol. Choose grass fed butter only.
  13. Eating cholesterol and having high cholesterol does not cause heart disease. If you eat more cholesterol, your body just produces less. Heart disease is mainly caused by bodily inflammation from grains (see #7).
  14. Acid reflux and heartburn are NOT caused by too much stomach acid. On the contrary, it is usually caused by low levels of stomach acid (HCL), provoked by certain problem foods, or due to a deficient esophagus opening (or some combination of the three) . Instead of running to take tums or Percaset, choose to: (a) remove/reduce these problem foods, (b) supplement with HCL acid, and/or (c) take activated charcoal instead of tums if A and B are not enough.
  15. You were designed to stand 8 hours a day and be barefoot. Wearing shoes and sitting 8-17 hours a day will literally take YEARS away from your life.

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