How To Do A Bone Broth Cleanse

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bone broth cleanse

A great way to introduce bone broth into your diet is through a bone broth cleanse. Don’t worry, this is not the kind of cleanse where you’re deprived of all food and forced to consume only liquid for a period of time. With a bone broth cleanse, the goal is to use bone broth as a nutritional supplement along with a clean diet to help improve digestion and give your gut a reset.

Bone broth is a highly nutrient-dense liquid made by simmering animal bones and their connective tissues in water for many hours so that the flavor and nutrients from the bones infuses the water to create bone broth. Bone broth is full of important nutrients, easily digestible amino acids, plus collagen and gelatin to support bone and tissue growth. These key nutrients are what make bone broth the ultimate natural detoxifying agent to cleanse your body.

Why Do a Bone Broth Cleanse?

For many people, cleansing the body is a natural first step on a journey to better health. Whether cleansing is a part of your wellness program or you simply want to jump start a new healthy habit, a bone broth cleanse can be customized to meet your personal goals.

There are over 8 health benefits to consuming bone broth, but here are a few reasons why a bone broth cleanse may be a good idea for you:


  1. It’s an All Natural Detox. There are many cleanses out there that guarantee weight loss and extreme results, but you must approach these with caution. To cleanse your body, the goal is to rid your body of toxins and additives, not add unknown ingredients to your system. With a bone broth cleanse, you are flooding your gut with naturally-occurring protein, amino acids, and key nutrients that promote gut health and naturally detox your digestive system.
  2. Improves Digestion and Immunity. Bone broth is loaded with collagen and gelatin which helps repair damaged gut lining and promotes a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow. A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body. Many common illnesses are linked to poor gut health, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your gut is functioning properly. By eliminating certain foods and flooding your gut with anti-inflammatory nutrients, a bone broth cleanse helps improve digestion and overall immunity.
  3. Can Support Weight Loss. While sipping bone broth on its own won’t make you lose weight, it will help your body eliminate toxins and waste more effectively which can flush out your system and lead to weight loss. Adding bone broth to your diet is a way to help your digestive system function at full capacity, allowing your body to absorb nutrients more easily and let go of the waste it doesn’t need. Weight loss could be a side effect of these improvements in your gut health.

Starting a 7-Day Bone Broth Cleanse

The first step in starting a bone broth cleanse is determining your goals, and then deciding on how long the cleanse will last. It’s better to focus on more long-term goals such as increase my energy, or reset my digestive system rather than I want to lose 10 lbs. Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your cleanse, and keep that in mind throughout the process.

A bone broth cleanse can last anywhere from 3-21 days so choose a time frame that makes the most sense for your goals. If you know you can’t stick with something longer than a couple days then choose a shorter cleanse to begin with. If this isn’t your first time on a restrictive diet then try a longer duration.

A good starting point for most people is a week-long bone broth cleanse.

What Should I Eat During The Cleanse?


You’ll have bone broth of course, but you won’t be depriving yourself of other foods.

On this cleanse, bone broth acts as a supplemental source of nutrients to compliment a wholesome, clean diet.

You’ll want to consume about 40 oz of bone broth a day to reap the full benefits. Drink a cup in the morning either with your coffee or as a coffee replacement, a cup with your lunch, and another cup in the evening.

Broth made from any animal bone can be used for the cleanse. Popular options are beef and chicken, and can be conveniently purchased online at Amazon or Thrive Market, local grocery stores, or national food chains like Whole Foods. You can even make your own bone broth at home.

Depending on the brand and quality of broth you buy it could get quite pricey, but please remember this is a 7 day cleanse — not something you’re doing every day.

To consume 40 oz of bone broth, prices could range anywhere from $3 to $18. At the more affordable end, Whole Foods 365 brand offers 32 oz pack of organic beef broth, and 48 oz pack of organic chicken broth. At the higher end, you can pick up a 12 pack of Kettle and Fire grass-fed beef broth broth. A chicken broth flavor is also available.

In addition to bone broth, you’ll want to eat a healthy balance of lean protein, fibrous vegetables, and healthy fats. Stay away from any foods that could be inflammatory to your gut including all grains, refined sugars, and dairy products. It’s easiest to follow a Paleo or Whole 30 diet during your cleanse to make sure you’re eating the right kinds of foods.

For some added flavor and healthy fats, add a little coconut oil to your bone broth before bed to help ease your body into resting mode. You can also use bone broth in recipes throughout the cleanse rather than drinking it.

How You Will Feel Each Day

Days 1-2

In the first 1-2 days of a 7 day cleanse, you may not see any immediate changes other feeling a bit lighter on your feet. It’s amazing how swapping pancakes or cereal for an omelet in the morning can energize you rather than weigh you down, and a cup of bone broth will help your body absorb and use those important nutrients.

Days 2-4

On days 2-4, many people report a significant decrease in bloating. Bloating is caused by the digestive muscles not effectively moving food through the digestive tract, causing air to get stuck. Bone broth helps soothe these digestive muscles so the air is released. Many people notice this less-bloated feeling after consuming bone broth consistently for a few days.

Days 3-4

Another change that may occur around day 3-4 is an increase in your energy levels. Fueling your body with nourishing foods and supplementing with gut-healing nutrients gives your body an abundance of natural energy that you may not have felt in a while. Think of your body as a machine and the foods you’re eating are the fuel to make that machine work. Naturally the machine will run better with higher quality fuel.

Days 4-7

gut health

Other changes you may see by the end of your bone broth cleanse include clearer skin, better sleep, mental clarity (no more brain fog), and weight loss. You may also be able to easily identify foods that are disruptive to your digestive system allowing you to eliminate those foods in the future, further healing your gut. As with any change in diet, results will vary and it’s true that you get out what you put into it.

Tips for Success on a Bone Broth Cleanse

Before you try a bone broth cleanse make sure you’re committed to the time frame of the cleanse, to drinking a full 40 oz per day, and sticking to your meal plan. It’s best to approach this cleanse as a way to reset your gut and improve your digestive health rather than something that you do once and then go back to your old eating habits. The cleanse is meant to change the way you think about food long-term, rather than a short-term fix.

With a bone broth cleanse, you’re allowing your gut to heal in order to function more efficiently, learn what foods fuel you best and which to avoid, as well as boosting your immune system and improving digestion.

If you approach your bone broth cleanse with the right mindset, it’ll become another tool to you can use to help improve your nutrition, jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, and incorporate as a regular part of your self-care routine.

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