The 3 Pillars of Health. Do you know what they are?

No matter who you are, you must adhere to the 3 pillars of health in order to lead a healthy life. One pillar without the rest can cause an imbalance.

The human body truly is the perfect machine: capable of healing itself, high adaptation, and acute awareness. But this capability is thwarted if a synergy amongst the 3 essential pillars is missing. This synergy is what allows us to move beyond mere survival and into a place where we begin to thrive!

TheĀ 3 Pillars Book is an 14 page of no-fluff information-packed PDF that can be yours for free.

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Hi, I’m Nick!

Self-prescribed nerd and numbers guy, Nick is a health enthusiast who loves building things, doing research, and running experiments.

When it comes to your health, no stone should be left unturned. Even though the journey may be never-ending, it is also ripe with rewards!

Each choice we make matters, and influences our health and well-being either positively or negatively, but with the right information, we can start to make better choices.

At HaleGenic, I take your health seriously which is why I do my research, and only share what makes sense.

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